Dropped IOL – Author: Ricardo Leitão Guerra MD

This patient had a poor outcome after cataract surgery and his acrylic lens implant was dislocated to the vitreous cavity. As it was a one-piece IOL the surgeon programed to exchange it for a new 3-piece IOL.
Tip#1 – to perform anterior vitrectomy to remove all membranes and vitreous from the iris plane so you can bring the lens to the anterior chamber safely.
Tip#2 – It is important to perform posterior hyaloid detachment and to remove all vitreous traction’s around the IOL to avoid peripheral breaks.
The surgeon hold the IOL with a forceps, bring it to the AC.
Tip#3 You can externelize one of the haptic through a anterior paracentesis. So with the IOL stable in the AC, use a scissors to cut the IOL body. As patient had a intact capsular support a new 3-pieces IOL was implanted in the sulcus.

Video: Ricardo Leitão Guerra MD
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