O Canal Retina Tips do oftalmologista Dr Filipe Lucato é mais uma boa idéia que vem despertando interesse de retinólogos e afins no Brasil e no mundo. Vale a pena conferir no Youtube e Instagram.

O vídeo mais acessado no canal Retina Tips no último mês de abril foi “Sub-ILM hemorrhage” de Rishi Singh MD. Veja abaixo o vídeo e sua descrição:

“This is a case of sub-ILM hemorrhage shared by Dr Rishi Singh from Cleveland – USA

The case is about a young patient with a sudden decrease in vision OD (5/200). He was prior diagnosed with central retinal vein occlusion, macular edema, and vitreous hemorrhage and on the OCT we are able to see what looked like to be a sub-hyaloid hemorrhage. There was no history diabetes, hypertension, auto immune disease and labs were negative for prothrombotic state. It was recommended observation but, as there was no clinical improvement the patient was submitted to vitrectomy.

After the elevation of the posterior hyaloid the surgeon noticed the hemorrhage was actually in the sub-ILM space.

Tip#1 – In this cases you can use a pic to remove the internal limiting membrane tissue and access the sub-ILM blood.

Tip#2 – The surgeon used a soft-tip to remove the ILM tissue, and with proportional reflux he mobilized the hemorrhage and then performed aspiration. ICG dye was used to stain ILM tissue and to help widening the peeling with a asymmetrical forceps.”

Rishi Singh MD
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